"Serving people through loving and giving while witnessing from a passion to cultivate faithful disciples"







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*Kid's 5th grade and under go to Children's Church

Our Commitment to our members

Jesus is the Head of our Church and our example in life.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

The Word of God is central to faith and practice and has authority in our lives.

Do you believe this?

The Holy Spirit is our comforter, guide, advocate, and source of power, who actively leads us into a deeper relationship with God.

Will you actively participate in Discipleship?

We as believers are kingdom minded in all of our efforts. It is our purpose to find everyone's giftedness in the body.

Will you serve others with God's Grace?

We are committed to assisting, affirming, and laboring with other parts of the body for greater kingdom work.

Will you strive to love all?

Our mission is edifying families.

Will you be kingdom focused?

We are zealous about creating an atmosphere that affirms that all individuals are of great value. It is God who places this standard (2 Cor. 4-5)

Will you strive to edify others?

We are focused in transforming the community one soul at a time. The great commission is our mission (Matt. 28:18-20)

Will you seek to lead others to Christ?

We are a mission focused congregation: Australia, Brazil, Honduras, Uganda, India, Togo and the world.

Membership Classes

101 Class:  Hear from the Pastor and get to know what Clearwater Christian Church is all about as you prayerfully consider joining our fellowship

202 Class:  Meet with other new members and study the first half of "Basic Christianity" by John Stott and build a solid foundation of what it means to follow Christ.

303 Class:  Finish the study of "Basic Christianity" and begin to grow in the truths of Discipleship.

404 Class:  Join others in experiencing the Dave Ramsey stewardship course that builds financial wisdom and a heart of generosity.


1. Join us for a Sunday Service at 8:25 or 10:27

2. Join a small group where you can participate in deeper fellowship

3. Come to a Wednesday night Bible Study with activities for the whole family.

4. Participate in one of our ministries, such as Women's, Men's, College, or Singles.

5. Find an area to serve.

Want to learn more?

Find out more on how you can become a member of the church!

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Our outdoor chapel is a beautiful venue for special worship gatherings and other outdoor events!