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A life groups are people drawn together for a purpose. In the Christian context, it is a committed, caring community, reaching out to share  the fullness of Christ's life and teachings.


So what is the purpose of our small groups? Our small groups are not meant to be just social gatherings. Each is a committed, caring, community; reaching out to share the fullness of Christ's life and teachings.


Our Christian small groups are a way of life and of ministry. We fellowship, yes. We learn more about God and His ways as we study, yes.  But our model is Jesus and the twelve Disciples.  If the twelve Disciples could walk away from everything in their lives to follow Jesus, surely we can commit one evening a week to meet in discipleship.


Our life groups are discipleship groups: they are a training ground to equip us to fulfill Christ's command to make disciples of all the nations. The disciples didn't just sit and listen; Jesus sent them out to teach and spread the Word, so that when He was no longer physically present they would be able to carry on with His work.


We train as individual Believers, by learning to share the teaching responsibilities in our small groups. As we grow,  we learn how to open our mouths and let God speak when He puts a seeker in front of us.

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